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Certification Process

 The SLI Hit Count® Certification Process

Hit Count® Certification Categories
There are four categories Hit Count® Certification:

1. Football helmet
2. Hockey helmet
3. Lacrosse helmet
4. Unhelmeted

Hit Count® has multiple categories because the type of helmet can alter the sensor reading. The sensors in a device record the actual acceleration of the device, and then use an algorithm to determine the acceleration of the head. Sensors that accurately record acceleration of the head in a football helmet may not have the appropriate algorithm to determine accurate head acceleration in a lacrosse helmet.

The “Unhelmeted” category represents sensors that are affixed to the head through a mechanism such as a headband and are worn for unhelmeted sports like soccer, basketball, and women’s lacrosse. A sensor certified for unhelmeted sports is not automatically certified to be worn under a helmet. It must also be separately certified for each helmeted sport.

SLI partnered with the the University of Ottawa Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory, led by Dr. Blaine Hoshizaki, to develop the certification test. The sensor devices are attached to a Hybrid III headform, which records head acceleration, and impacted 66 times, including cold, hot, and wet conditions. The sensor results are compared to the Hybrid III headform acceleration, and the sensor must be accurately recording the accelerations to be certified. The Hit Count® Certification is only concerned with the accuracy of impacts at the Hit Count® threshold of 20 g’s, and does not imply that the sensor is accurate at other levels.

The Hit Count® Certification Mark will designate categories passed. You can find samples of the mark below.

What to look for when purchasing a sensor

Look for this mark on your sensor before purchasing. This mark signifies that the sensor is a genuine certified product.


This mark signifies that the product that carries it is certified for use in Unhelmeted Sports, and on helmets in Lacrosse, Football and Ice Hockey


This mark signifies that the product that carries it is certified for use on Lacrosse and Ice Hockey helmets ONLY

Sample Packaging